2. Land’s End, SF.


  3. Anonymous said: What kind of socks do you usually wear?

    Strange question, but Costco/Smartwool wool socks or black Hanes ankle socks from Ross with boots, and miscellaneous white socks from Ross for other shoes (sneakers/Frees).


  4. Anonymous said: Wtf is a mayback

    A Maybach is a German luxury automobile.

    In case you missed it, my response was a reference to the lyrics “Racks on racks on racks/Maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs” by Kanye West.


  5. Anonymous said: Stacks on stacks



  6. Anonymous said: How does suede age? Did your CDB become lighter or darker over time? Also, what are some good suede colors for dark denim?

    Here’s a picture of my taupe suede boots after almost two years so you can see for yourself.  Also paired with PBJ double indigo denim to answer the second part of your question, also up to your taste.


  7. Anonymous said: Hey Joey, do you have any tips for AP Bio?

    Sorry for the late response.

    Just read the book thoroughly and take notes by hand, it helps a lot in remembering things.  Also put little post-it tabs in your textbook and bring it to school on test days so you can study key things right before.  Don’t sleep in class and stay afterward to talk to your teacher so that you can get good recommendation letters.  Good luck!


  8. Anonymous said: sand or taupe suede?

    Sand will be hard to keep clean, but I say desert boots are meant to be beaten up anyway.  Taupe is more a more neutral/less standout color but I say go for sand.

    Keep in mind that if you wear them with raws they’ll stain indigo a lot.



  10. The Great Western Divide