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  4. Jun Seba

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  5. BART, 16th and Mission.


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  8. Anonymous asked: Would you recommend that sophomores at Lynbrook take APLAC if they are average in Lit and have had really easy teachers like torp for lit? because i get really easy A's in Lit class, but that is because I have easy teachers, so im not sure if APLAC is the best option. Would the diagnostic help me make a decision?

    I think it comes down to two things: whether you have a good critical mind for analyzing literature and whether you have a strong writing voice. That’s basically what APLAC consists of; if you fit in these categories then by all means go for it regardless of past courses. Otherwise the course might be a bit of a grade roller coaster, especially as I’ve been hearing that the teachers have been stepping it up this past year (I myself had Welsh for APLAC, universally considered a fairly “easy” teacher but apparently is getting tougher). It might be a good idea to take a look at some sample AP questions and prompts if you’re on the fence since that’s the type of stuff you’ll be doing: literary analysis and synthesis essays and comprehension multiple-choice. I’d like to add, though, that I am of the belief that it’s better to take an AP course and find that it’s a challenge than to not take it and regret it, since all the courses I’ve taken so far I’ve found to be pretty rewarding (especially APUSH and AP Bio).

    Hope this helps!